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If you are a property owner in Dubai and are looking to sell or rent your property, we can do it better than any other agent in Dubai guaranteed. Our unique Property Booster Service boosts the chances of your property getting sold or rented.

STEP 1 - We Visit and Assess
STEP 3 - Our Experts Create a Plan
STEP 2 - We Clean and Organise
STEP 4 - We Furnish and Beautify
STEP 5 - Your Property Transformed
STEP 6 - The Magic is Complete
 Many More Successful Viewings
66% Higher Chances of SALE or RENTAL

Did you know that a fully furnished, well-presented, beautiful looking property has a 66% higher chance of getting rented or sold!


Our unique Property Booster Service allows you to present your property in the best possible way, to ensure the quickest possible sale or rental. Here is how it works: our experts will visit your property and prepare a plan on how to best improve and enhance it, boosting your chances of getting a quick rental or sale, at the best price.


Our professionals. within our property boost team, will then get to work. They will clean, repair, touch up, decorate, declutter, furnish and beautify your property on your behalf. Beautiful flowers, art on the walls, carpets and rugs, sofas and bedcovers, lighting and candles… no detail is too much for our team who will do whatever is required to make your property look as inviting as possible.


Beautiful interiors make for beautiful photographs, which in turn make for better listings, higher interest levels, more site visit requests, better site visit experiences, more interested customers, higher prices and quicker deals. Our Property Booster Service is unique - no other property company in Dubai offers its customers such a service. With decades of experience in selling and renting properties, our expert teams will make your property truly memorable.

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